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Latest Headlines

Price matters for ACA exchange customers--but it isn't the only factor

Last year, 80 percent of consumers chose bronze or silver health insurance plans--the two lowest-cost tiers--but many did not select the cheapest plan within those tiers, according to a new report.  

Study: Uninsured rate has risen among young adults since 1970s

A new study that looks at data as far back as the mid-1970s shows that uninsured rates have actually increased among young adults--but the Affordable Care Act is making a dent i the numbers.

AHIP launches initiative to improve accuracy of provider directories

A new pilot project announced by America's Health Insurance Plans aims to improve the accuracy of provider directories that have been plagued by imprecise information, leading to confusion among consumers seeking in-network care.  

Health insurers: With great power over data comes great responsibility

Like many Americans, I have long since accepted that yes, Big Brother is watching and no, we can't really do anything about it. Those who still think otherwise, I've always figured, are...

Customers more satisfied where health plan competition is higher

Consumers were most satisifed with their health plans in markets where there was more competition, but they also favor having to make fewer choices when it comes to their health plan options, according to the J.D. Power 2016 Member Health Plan Study.  

As remaining CO-OPs struggle with enrollment, Maryland's start-up flourishes

As consumer owned and operated plans (CO-OPs) around the country struggled to remain profitable amid lukewarm enrollment numbers, Maryland's CO-OP has emerged as rare beacon of stability, according to  Healthcare Dive.  

Customer engagement strategies for pioneering payers

Customers are now more educated, more particular and less loyal than ever before when it comes to their health insurance choices, leaving payers little choice but to adapt their customer-engagement strategies to this new reality, according to a new report from IDC Health Insights.

Feds turn focus to preventing customer churn on ACA exchanges

Now that the Affordable Care Act's third open enrollment period has come to a close, Obama administration officials have turned their attention to ensuring that as few customers as possible drop their coverage.

4 ways health insurers can move to a consumer-centric business model

Healthcare under the Affordable Care Act is becoming more customer-centric, and if insurance companies want to succeed, they must move from a purely transactional relationship with their members toward a customer-first relationship, according to an article from  Advertising Age.  

Struggling CO-OPs enter a pivotal year amid signs of potential growth

Although nearly half of Affordable Care Act consumer operated and oriented plans shut down, and many reported multi-million losses last year, officials say 2016 could be a rebound year for the frequently maligned plans, according to the  Associated Press.