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Latest Headlines

Focus shifts from health plan enrollment to healthcare outreach

While many Affordable Care Act supporters have toiled to get individuals to sign up for health insurance, now the focus has shifted to making sure that newly covered customers actually use their insurance to access healthcare.

Many employees not aware of workplace wellness programs

While health plans' workplace wellness programs have gained steam in recent years, many employees are still not aware that they exist, according to a survey from the public relations and communications agency Brodeur Partners.

Health insurance exchange customers more engaged, cost-conscious

The rise of public health insurance exchanges has ramped up Americans' engagement with their health plans, signaling an opportunity for insurers who are able to adapt to a more consumer-centric market.

Technology, innovation powers payers' efforts to engage with members

Just as Medicaid has helped expand health coverage and affordability to millions of Americans, private insurers also strive to expand healthcare access through innovation, according to executives who spoke at an event to celebrate Medicaid's 50 th  anniversary.

State-based exchanges achieve high levels of re-enrollment

Six states successfully re-enrolled large numbers of residents during the second year of open enrollment on the health insurance exchanges.

Employer-sponsored plan enrollment steady

Consumers enrolled in employer-sponsored health plans over the last two years are largely staying in those plans, according to a new report from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Michigan health insurer pays members to use cost-estimator tool

Michigan-based insurer Priority Health wants to control healthcare costs—so it plans to reward its members who hunt down the best price for their medical procedures.

Medicare Advantage members have 'robust' plan choice

Medicare Advantage (MA) enrollees enjoy considerable plan choice and are likely to continue to do so even amid the wave of consolidation that has recently taken place in the health insurance industry, according to a new analysis from Avalere.

How health insurers can adapt to the rise of consumerism

To adjust to the rise of consumerism in healthcare, the traditional "power players"--providers and payers--must embrace the fact that they are no longer the only ones in control, according to a report from the Healthcare Performance Management Institute.

Humana expands community-focused health initiative

By bringing together a variety of healthcare stakeholders--including providers local leaders--Humana's latest health venture, Bold Moves, aims to improve the health of certain communities 20 percent by 2020.