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Latest Headlines

EOBs don't help consumers understand coverage

A majority of insurers' explanation of benefits statements don't help consumers understand what their plan covers for specific claims, says a new report from consultants Dalbar.

Costs to enroll uninsured: State vs. federal exchanges

States that implemented their own health insurance exchanges spent three times more than the federal version to reach out to and educate consumers, according to a new study from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

Most patients don't know payment responsibility

A large majority of patients--72 percent--don't know their payment responsibilites when they visit a doctor, says a new report from InstaMed. 

Consumer-driven plans shift behaviors to cut costs

Members enrolled in consumer-driven health plans (CDHP) have a greater feeling of ownership over their healthcare and shift their health-related behaviors, which leads to lower costs, according to a new study from Cigna.

The challenge of keeping exchange members enrolled

Insurers want to make sure their new members become reliable, long-term customers. That's more difficult since the 8 million new consumers primarily signed up for individual plans instead of employer-based policies.

Next reform challenge: Reducing uninsured rates

The first round of health insurance exchange enrollment is over, but the Obama administration and insurers have a new challenge on their plates: working to reduce the amount of uninsured and boosting support for the Affordable Care Act so the next enrollment period will bring in another surge of consumers

Insurers offer grocery coupons for healthier members

Insurers are taking a page out of the Sunday paper, sending grocery coupons to consumers to encourage healthy eating, CNBC reported.

Social video marketing can boost member engagement

Insurers looking to engage their members and boost their online experience, plus recruit consumers, should consider using social video marketing, according to MarketingProfs.

3 strategies to win over healthcare consumers

The changing health insurance market means payers must adapt their business model to win over customers. As our recent FierceHealthPayer coverage shows, insurers must ramp up engagement efforts and...

Millions of mentally ill Americans lack insurance

Almost 4 million people with severe mental illness will remain uninsured because 24 states have refused to expand Medicaid, according to a report from the American Mental Health Counselors Association (AMHCA).