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Insurers partner with providers to curb opioid abuse

Health insurers are making strides to address opioid addiction by partnering with providers and providing a clearer picture of patients' medical history though claims data, according to Hospitals and Health Networks Magazine.


Insurers cash in on Medicare Advantage quality incentives

Private insurers that offer Medicare Advantage plans are increasingly investing in quality initiatives that provide a boost to the plan's star rating tied to millions of dollars in government incentives, according to an article by Kaiser Health News, published by USA Today.


AHA makes another push to thwart Anthem-Cigna merger

The American Hospital Association reinforced its objections to the Anthem-Cigna merger this week, honing in on concerns that the partnership would give Blue Cross Blue Shield plans an even larger share of the health insurance market, raising costs for consumers, and in some cases, pushing competitors out of certain markets altogether, according to a letter sent to the Department of Justice.


Massachusetts uninsured want coverage but face key barriers

Most uninsured individuals in Massachusetts want health coverage, but affordability, eligibility for subsidies and challenges with the application process are key barriers to obtaining a health plan, according to the Blue Crosse Blue Shield of Massachusetts Foundation and the University of Massachusetts Medical School.

Haunted by past stigma, rebranded HMOs mount a resurgence

Health maintenance organization plans are making a comeback as an affordable option for healthcare coverage, even as payers continue to battle negative consumer perceptions that the plans limit choices, according to the New York Times.


Physicians push back against Highmark reimbursement cuts

The Pennsylvania physician community lashed out against a recent decision by one of the state's major insurance carriers to cut payments by 4.5 percent, claiming the cuts are placing an unfair burden on providers, which could negatively impact patient care in the long run.

CMS reveals new verification process for special enrollment eligibility

Consumers that enroll in health plans outside of the open enrollment period will face new documentation requirements to ensure they meet special enrollment period qualifications.

Healthcare policies become a focal point as presidential field narrows

As the field of potential presidential nominees narrows, candidates are refining their healthcare policies, while others appear to be shrouded in secrecy.

Covered California offers peek at consumers who use special enrollment periods

Special enrollment made up 13 percent of forced membership for Covered California plans last year--often at a higher cost than open enrollment members--but officials say providing proof of special enrollment eligibility could deter unqualified members and drive costs down.


AHIP report: Enrollment in Medicaid managed care plans continues to rise

Enrollment in Medicaid managed care plans grew nearly 70 percent from 2007-2013, highlighting states' reliance on health plans that can improve outcomes for high-risk patient populations and save money in the process, according to a report from America's Health Insurance Plans.