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Latest Headlines

Massachusetts uninsured want coverage but face key barriers

Most uninsured individuals in Massachusetts want health coverage, but affordability, eligibility for subsidies and challenges with the application process are key barriers to obtaining a health plan, according to the Blue Crosse Blue Shield of Massachusetts Foundation and the University of Massachusetts Medical School.

Haunted by past stigma, rebranded HMOs mount a resurgence

Health maintenance organization plans are making a comeback as an affordable option for healthcare coverage, even as payers continue to battle negative consumer perceptions that the plans limit choices, according to the  New York Times.  

Aetna CEO supports ACA exchanges, but seeks improvements

Despite recent critical remarks that diverged from his otherwise optimistic view of the Affordable Care Act marketplace, Aetna CEO Mark Bertolini says in an interview with  Kaiser Health News  that he does indeed support the exchanges and wants to work with the Obama administration to improve them.  

Keys to wellness program success: Strategic communication, culture of health

Both communication and building a culture of overall health are key factors in designing a succesful workplace wellness program, according to a new study from the  Journal of Occupational & Environmental Medicine.  

Reasons to be skeptical about the value of private exchanges

Though private health insurance exchanges haven risen in popularity in recent years, not everyone is convinced that they are the consumer-friendly benefits solution they're cracked up to be.

3 ways payers can adapt to meet consumer expectations

With consumerism now a game-changing reality in the healthcare industry, payers must align their business strategies to focus on their customers as both members and patients, according to a new report from IDC Health Insights.

How health insurers can thrive in the private exchange market [Q&A]

To find out more about how the rise of private exchanges have changed the industry and what insurers can expect in the future,  FierceHealthPayer  speaks to Ashok Subramanian, co-founder and CEO of private exchange company Liazon.   

In an about-face, Oscar turns to narrow-network strategy to reach enrollment goals

The health insurance company that says it wants to disrupt the industry is doing an about-face from the broad network strategy it extolled at its birth in 2012,  Bloomberg  reports. 

Survey: Majority of healthcare plans offer price transparency tools

The majority of health plans in the U.S. offer price transparency tools to consumers, nearly all of which include estimates for common surgical procedures, radiology services, and out-of-pocket costs, according to a survey published in the  American Journal of Managed Care (AJMC).  

Humana study: Wellness programs cut stress, boost employee engagement

A new study from Humana and the Economist Intelligence Unit offers insight into the benefit of employee participation in wellness programs and how wellness programs can improve employee engagement with a company's goals and mission.