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Report highlights how NLP can improve patient care and reduce costs

Whitepaper | Published: February 22, 2016 | Sponsored by: Linguamatics

91% of CMIOs questioned in this Linguamatics survey believe that rapidly increasing the use of Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a critical step in making unstructured patient data actionable for predictive risk models, population health and optimize EHR use. Click Here to Download

Healthcare Needs the Cloud - Today

Whitepaper | Published: November 11, 2015 | Sponsored by: Alcatel-Lucent

Under pressure to meet this rising digital expectation of practitioners and patients, healthcare CIOs and CTOs know the cloud can offer the flexibility, scalability and efficiencies they require. Yet unlike other IT executives, those in healthcare face strict requirements related to patient privacy and data protection, leaving them wondering how to get from here to there - how to transform their infrastructure and keep data secure. Read this whitepaper to see how the path to the healthcare cloud begins.

Value-Based Purchasing: Hospitals Navigate a New Financial Era

Whitepaper | Published On: March 14, 2016 | Presented by: StuderGroup

This Whitepaper outlines the challenges of all hospitals, especially rural ones, in adapting to value-based purchasing. Focusing primarily on the areas of patient experience and outcomes, it also offers solid information, suggestions and examples of areas that are helping hospitals adapt. Download today!

Power Patient Engagement with Technology: 10 Tips for Enhancing Care by Empowering and Educating Patients

Whitepaper | Presented by: Lenovo Health

Today’s technology plays a big role in helping patients to take ownership of their health and collaborate more closely with providers to achieve better outcomes. Here are 10 tips from Lenovo® Health for putting technology to work to reach your patient engagement goals.

Download today! 

The Rocky Road to Information Sharing in the Health System

Whitepaper | Presented by: OpenText

Download this IDC Market Spotlight to learn how healthcare providers have much to gain by extending interoperability across their networks and into the community.

Digital Health Data: The Key to Driving Healthy Outcomes and Engagement

Whitepaper | Published: December 15, 2015 | Sponsored by: Validic

In this white paper, three leaders in the digital health industry discuss what digital health means and how it is changing the patient-provider relationship, how the industry can increase patient/consumer engagement, and what the future holds for digital health technology. Download today!