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Latest Headlines

AHIP Institute: Learn to thrive in consumer-focused world

The health insurance industry is changing and consumers are at the heart of that transformation. If insurers don't embrace the new consumer, they'll lose their competitive advantage. So it...

Wellness incentives save UnitedHealth millions

In this exclusive interview, Robyn Harmon, health strategies consultant at UnitedHealthcare discusses how the insurer is using incentives to encourage employees and members to live healthier lives, and what it takes to really engage people in their health.

Tech drives member engagement, closes provider feedback loop

By using the latest technology, health insurers can take the lead in improving the feedback loop between payers, providers and patients, Gerald Shields from consulting firm The Nolan Company wrote in  Insurance & Technology.

Coventry, Humana, WellPoint most popular exchange plans

Coventry, Humana and WellPoint took the top spots for most popular plans among exchange consumers who want affordable health insurance coverage, according to a new analysis from Avalere Health.

How to make health literacy work

Without health literacy, healthcare reform success may be difficult to achieve. Minneapolis-based UnitedHealthcare developed a "Happiness Counts" kit that informs seniors--via postcards, journals and other information--on how to best manage and take care of their health, reports the StarTribune.

Why wellness programs sometimes fail

Although more than 85 percent of large employers offer a wellness program, Gallup polls have shown only 60 percent of workers know about the health benefit. What's more, only 40 percent of employees aware of a wellness program actually participate in it, according to the Gallup Business Journal.

Encourage pets for member health, cost improvements

Insurers often recommend actions their members can take to improve their health and prevent costly, stressful diseases. They also may want to consider giving out some unusual advice: Members should get a pet.

Reaching young adults: Leaders share marketing best practices

Young adult sign-ups surged during the last few weeks of open enrollment but the coveted population presented the biggest marketing and outreach challenge for health insurance exchanges.

Payers: It might be time to pick up the phone

Many insurers must deal with a backlog of inquiries and concerns from newly enrolled (and unhappy) exchange members. Some companies are finding the personal touch is key to good customer service.

How one insurer improved customer service amid exchange struggles

Despite challenges, Reno, Nevada-based Saint Mary's Health Plans found an opportunity to improve member services policies and infrastructure, which led to happier members and employees as health exchange implementation kicked in.