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Latest Headlines

Poll: Coverage drives healthcare satisfaction

Health insurance status plays a major role in consumer satisfaction with the U.S. healthcare system, according to a new Gallup poll.

Improve consumer experience with empathy

Health plan providers lagged behind property & casualty and life insurers in this year's Temkin Experience Ratings. P&C and life insurance ranked No. 7 out of 19 industries, with an average rating of "okay." Health plans, however, took the second-to-last spot with an overall "poor" rating, Insurance&Technology reported.

Consumers slow to adopt insurers' mobile apps

Although insurers continue to boost their mobile capabilities, consumers aren't readily adopting the new tools, according to a new survey from software company FICO, which found 65 percent of more than 2,000 consumers have never used their smartphone to manage or interact with their insurer.

Adequate coverage, timely communication key to member satisfaction

Concerns about not having enough health coverage send overall member satisfaction plummeting by 133 points, according to J.D. Power's latest  Member Health Plan Study, released today.

Exchanges enroll small but growing numbers of uninsured

Previously-uninsured people still comprise a small share of total marketplace enrollees, according to survey results from the consulting firm McKinsey & Company and The Urban Institute, but enrollment of the previously-uninsured is inching forward. 

Insurer-consumer disconnect over what health plan factors matter most

Many health insurers view price as king, but consumers place more value on other factors of their health coverage, according to a PwC Health Research Institute survey.

Payers can strengthen consumer focus in 3 steps

Insurers are striving to provide more than only coverage of healthcare services to survive the shift to a consumer-focused business. They now aim to offer an overall experience for consumers and become a more integral aspect of their daily healthcare decisions, reported Managed Healthcare Executive.

3 strategies to retain existing members

New customer acquisition costs more than retaining existing customers, so building loyalty amoung members is crucial to fiscal health. Here are three steps health insurers can take to build a strong relationship with existing enrollees, culled from a variety of sources.

Enrollment grows as Obama administration ramps up outreach

Between 2.4 million and 3.5 million people have enrolled in Medicaid as of January, a new analysis from Avalere Health has found. The enrollment figures include up to 1.7 million newly enrolled individuals who signed up in January alone.

Latest ACA fix benefits consumers, state exchanges

Americans who couldn't enroll in health insurance plans due to problems with state exchange websites and bought coverage elsewhere can still get federal tax credits and retroactive cost-sharing, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services announced yesterday.