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Latest Headlines

Health Net hit with most consumer complaints in Arizona

California-based Health Net boasts the lowest-cost insurance plans in Arizona, as well as the most consumer complaints, the  Arizona Republic  reported.

Survey: Consumers send mixed signals on shared decision-making

A large majority--90 percent--of consumers wants to take charge of their medical decisions, but only about 50 percent actually talk about healthcare costs, according to a new survey of almost 3,000 adults from Altarum Institute.

Payers: 2 ways to enhance call centers, customer satisfaction

As the healthcare industry gears up for the next open enrollment period in November, payers need to look for ways to improve their call centers to provide a better experience for customers. Listed below are two ways payers can better serve their members, according to a new report from consulting firm Oliver Wyman.

6 trends that took the spotlight at AHIP Institute 14

A lot of activity went on at this year's AHIP Institute in Seattle, and  FierceHealthPayer  editors were there to cover it all. After sitting in on sessions, interviewing experts, chatting with attendees and analyzing our experience, the  FierceHealthPayer  editors noticed several trends that took the spotlight during the annual conference--namely, that insurers should emulate the retail industry, become even more consumer focused and work to guarantee that information is integrated. Meanwhile, other topics of interest included care delivery, healthcare costs and value-based payments. Here's a summary of the six topics that took center stage at AHIP Institute.

3 ways to empower consumers

The shift to a more consumer-focused industry requires insurers to help consumers take responsibility for their own health and care, MedCity News reported. Insurers can implement solutions that enable consumers to feel more empowered and provide them with tools, resources and incentives to improve their health.

Should insurers mail young adults their EOBs?

With the popularity of the Affordable Care Act's provision allowing young adults to stay on their parents' health plan until they're 26 comes an unintended consequence for some members: invasion of privacy.

How payers can implement data analytics

While health insurers focus on risk assessment and controlling costs, they also need to incorporate analytics to help solve broader insurance issues, according to Insurance & Technology. Greater investments in data analytics can improve overall outcomes.

Cambia Health invests in consumer-focused healthcare

Looking to create a more economically stable and person-centered healthcare system, Cambia Health, which includes Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield, is setting its sights on new investments to make this transformation happen.

Lessons in Medicare Advantage innovation

Attendees at the AHIP Institute in Seattle got a "fast and furious crash course" on innovating Medicare Advantage benefit design. They learned that insurers have to be creative with meeting the needs of MA beneficiaries to drive member engagement.

How tiered networks can control costs

Instead of outright excluding expensive providers from their health plans via narrow networks, insurers can sort providers into tiers based on cost-efficiency and quality performance measures to curb ever-rising healthcare costs, Meredith Rosenthal, associate professor at the Harvard School of Public Health, said at the AHIP Institute in Seattle.