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Latest Headlines

Big pharma's pricing a significant factor in driving up current healthcare spending

There's currently a schism between healthcare prices and healthcare spending. Prices are budging only grudgingly. That's likely the confluence of the Great Recession, the Affordable Care Act...

ACA to terminate coverage for 200,000 over residency dispute

The Obama administration is terminating Affordable Care Act coverage for some 200,000 individuals who have not proved they are legally living in the United States. Coverage for those who signed up in...

3 fixes that would make the ACA less complex

Few argue that the Affordable Care Act is complex. However, many argue about how to fix this. Republican lawmakers have proposed a complex overhaul of the ACA. Others say the ACA needs an upgrade, not a rip and replace. The latter voices were heard at the National Health Policy Conference.

Low-income workers make big gains under Medicaid expansion

A new study from the Urban Institute shows 10.6 million adults aged 18 to 64 gained coverage under the Affordable Care Act from September 2013 to September 2014.

As grandfathered plans disappear, consumers better informed

After the outcry over the cancellation of policies that didn't meet Affordable Care Act requirements, the Obama administration allowed some noncompliant policies to continue until 2017. Today, although some insurers discontinued noncompliant policies early, consumers are better informed of their options.

Florida leads in Affordable Care Act enrollment

Florida is leading the pack when it comes to Obamacare enrollment: As of mid-January, 1.27 million residents purchased exchange plans, the Department of Health and Human Services announced. 

Lawmakers blast CMS, HHS for Healthcare.gov privacy issues

In light of a report that Healthcare.gov might violate consumers' privacy rights by giving their personal data to third-party sites, lawmakers wrote a letter to Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia Mathews Burwell requesting information about the safety and security of the site.

Will concierge medicine become mainstream?

Concierge medicine  has come a long way from its controversial beginni ngs. The often insurance-free model may even become mainstream for certain populations in the coming years, predi cted   Forbes  columnist Russ Alan Prince.

President vows to veto any ACA repeal

In his State of the Union address, President Barack Obama indicated that attempts to roll back any of his landmark achievements--including the Affordable Care Act--will earn his veto.

Despite bumps in the road, healthcare leaders say ACA isn't going anywhere

The Affordable Care Act isn't going anywhere. At least that was the consensus from last week's annual J.P. Morgan Healthcare conference.