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Latest Headlines

EHRs can help improve health insurance coverage rates

Capturing health insurance data in electronic health records and improving the synergy of that data between EHRs and health information exchanges could help improve patients' heath insurance coverage rates and reduce coverage lapses, researchers say.

Adverse King v. Burwell ruling could cut healthcare spending by $7.5B

If the U.S. Supreme Court returns an adverse ruling in the  King v. Burwell  case later this month, economists say it could lead to billions in lost healthcare spending,   Reuters has reported.

High deductibles main reason Americans go without medical care

One in four adults with non-group healthcare coverage did not receive needed care because it cost too much,  according to a new report from nonprofit Families USA.

Is there a link between financial and personal health?

Is there a connection between one's financial and medical health? That is something an online private insurance company will explore by providing consumers with a combined financial and health score.

EHRs help patients track, retain health insurance coverage

Electronic health records can be used as a source to validate a patient's health insurance coverage, which can help patients maintain insurance benefits and enjoy more continuity of care, according to a study published in the  Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association.

Do hospitals have too much market power?

A non-partisan consumer advocacy group warns about concentrated market power for hospitals and healthcare systems, but the hospital sector dismisses its findings as a retrograde point of view.

ACA helps fatten for-profit hospitals' bottom lines

The Affordable Care Act--and hospital-based programs intended to enroll patients in newly available health insurance plans--have been a boon to bottom lines of publicly traded hospital chains,  Forbes  reported.

HCA's Florida hospitals accused of milking automobile policies

A lawsuit accuses HCA-operated hospitals in Florida of rapidly depleting the medical benefits included in automobile insurance policies by charging as much as 65 times Medicare rates for rendering medical services to accident victims.

Healthcare finance: What's in store for 2015

Price transparency, patient finances and growth will likely be the big stories in 2015.

High deductibles may push patients to put off care

The rising out-of-pocket costs for health insurance force millions of middle-class Americans to forego checkups and other needed medical care, acc ording to  USA Today.