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Latest Headlines

Hospitals have improved productivity dramatically in recent years

Is it truly possible for hospitals to become more productive, providing patients with better care for less money? Apparently yes, according to recent research that examined productivity growth in U.S. hospitals that treated Medicare patients who had a heart attack, heart failure and pneumonia during 2002-2011.

Karen Ignagni's AHIP resignation comes at critical time for healthcare reform

The  departure of America's Health Insurance Plans President and CEO Karen Ignagni for the same role at New York nonprofit insurer EmblemHealth comes at a critical time for the health insurance industry.

The Affordable Care Act's 'Black Mirror' moment

If you seek television to macerate your brain, I suggest streaming the British series " Black Mirror." It's a far darker "Twilight Zone" without the early 1960s prudery and...

ER overuse: Have Seattle healthcare organizations found the solution?

Where government-led reform appears to have failed, a partnership between two healthcare organizations in Seattle may have solved the stubborn problem of rising emergency department use, according to a  New York Times  opinion piece.

Insurers might lose millions of Medicaid members

Insurers operating Medicaid plans in states that expanded the state-federal program could end up losing thousands--if not millions--of members as officials start double-checking recipients' eligibility.

$101M in ACA funds to go toward new community health centers

The Department of Health and Human Services announced Tuesday that it will divert $101 million in Affordable Care Act funding to 164 new community health centers across the country in an effort to increase healthcare access.

When a hospital re-opens, how will it affect patients and providers?

Amid new research on how hospital closures affect patient outcomes, the Los Angeles area is about to provide a case study for the next step in that process--when a once-closed hospital reopens in a drastically changed healthcare environment.

Emergency room patient volume on the rise post-ACA

​In stark contrast to the healthcare industry's increasing efforts to curb emergency department overuse, the American College of Emergency Physicians says new research proves how much Americans value their access to emergency care, even though they often face steep barriers to access.

Payer-provider M&As face 'challenging' regulatory environment

Insurers will continue to face a "challenging" regulatory environment, requiring them to make critical decisions this year--particularly when it comes to merging with and acquiring providers, according to a new report from Deloitte.

Aetna submits 2016 ACA rates to regulators, tentatively

Aetna Inc. is submitting individual insurance rates for 2016 to state regulators, but told them rates may need to be reexamined after the Supreme Court issues its ruling on the legality of federal subsidies, Reuters reported.