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Latest Headlines

The business benefits of collaboration between insurers, patient groups

By working with groups that represent chronic disease patients, insurers can save money on costly therapies while ensuring patients have access to the treatments they need, according to a recent  Health Affairs  blog post.  

CMS rejected plan to put Maine CO-OP into receivership

Though insurance regulators in Maine sought to put the state's struggling community operated and oriented plan into receivership to curtail its mounting losses, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services rejected that plan, the  Portland Press Herald  reports

Concierge medicine can double hourly revenue, increase patient satisfaction

The revenue generated per hour in a concierge program is usually twice the revenue rate per hour in a traditional practice.

Medicaid expansion saves states millions, boosts payer revenues

The 31 states and the District of Columbia that expanded their Medicaid program under the Affordable Care Act are saving millions,  while revenues are up for both the states and its insurers, according to the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

One way to improve healthcare: Pay doctors more

As the presidential candidates discuss ways to improve healthcare, one physician says in a  Huffington Post  blog that they are missing a key piece of the puzzle: pay doctors more money. 

Value-based payment model design pitfalls

To ensure that alternative payment models succeed, insurers and providers must avoid common missteps. 

Anthem sues Express Scripts over drug prices

Anthem's public spat with Express Scripts has escalated into a lawsuit against the pharmacy benefits management company charging it with failing to pass on prescription drug savings.  

Marilyn Tavenner sets aggressive goals for AHIP

AHIP CEO Marilynn Tavenner wants to bring UnitedHealth Group and Aetna back into the trade group's fold, close a $2 million budget deficit, fix the "antiquated fee-for-service methodology" used forMedicare Advantage and repeal the Cadillac tax--all in 2016.

What's really behind Humana's outcomes-linked bonuses

Humana's move to tie executive compensation to members' health outcomes may actually help protect its leaders' bonuses amid less-predictable profits, according to the  International Business Times.  

Exec pay raises eyebrows after Maine CO-OP's financial downswing

Salary increases for two senior executives who oversaw the implementation of Maine's once-burgeoning consumer operated and oriented plan are being scrutinized after the plan lost millions last year, leading to administrative cuts and premium hikes, according to the  Portland Press Herald.