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Latest Headlines

PwC: Large hospital systems fail to achieve economies of scale

Bigger hospitals are able to operate more efficiently than smaller hospitals, but those cost savings and economies of scale don't carry over to larger healthcare systems operating multiple hospitals, according to a new market analysis from PwC.

Community hospitals get hammered in Massachusetts

A new report by the Massachusetts Health Policy Commission has concluded that the state's community hospitals are suffering financially at the expense of costlier urban teaching hospitals.

Covered California wants to grade hospitals on cost

One of the largest and most successful state insurance exchanges in the nation plans to judge hospitals and other providers on cost and quality and could wind up purging poor performers. That's the intent of the Covered California insurance exchange.  California Healthline  has reported that the exchange intends to scrutinize providers and potentially exclude those that are subpar.

Brussels attack: US hospitals step up disaster prep but leaders worry it's not enough

In the wake of yesterday's terrorist attack in Belgium, U.S. hospitals are working to ensure they're prepared for a similar mass-casualty event in America, but are concerned budget cuts and lack of precautions may leave them short-handed in a worst-case scenario.

Cleveland Clinic's Toby Cosgrove on critical skills and traits for healthcare leaders

Hospital executives must have certain skills to successfully lead healthcare organizations today, writes Cleveland Clinic CEO Toby Cosgrove in a post for  LinkedIn.

Express Scripts CEO wants to resolve dispute with Anthem

The incoming CEO for Express Scripts wants to resolve a longstanding drug pricing dispute with its largest client that has morphed into a lawsuit, a confrontation that underscores the growing negotiating power for large insurers and questions Express Scripts' independent business model.

Kaiser pushes for more holistic healthcare delivery

Kaiser Permanente is taking a more holistic approach to healthcare delivery and is embedding that ethos in 10 new health centers it is opening in the coming months in Southern California,  FastCoExist  has reported

Rural health crisis: Help may be on way for ailing hospitals

Rural hospitals have been on the brink of financial disaster for years, but it seems that some aid may be coming from both state and federal lawmakers.

Other states may hold answer to New Jersey's Omnia dilemma

As the controversy continues over Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey's Omnia health plans, some say it's worth looking at other states to decide how to regulate tiered networks.

Hospital communications: Train workers to look, listen

Miscommunication in healthcare is one of the top patient safety risks, contributing to up to a quarter of readmissions. But in a fast-paced, chaotic hospital setting, proper communication is easier said than done; to ensure it, healthcare leaders and workers must acquire key skills, according to  Becker's Hospital Review.