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Sean West is an intern for FierceHealthcare. He’s wrapping up a career at West Chester University in southeastern Pennsylvania, where he studies English. In addition to writing countless essays on literary theory, race, politics, and pop culture, Sean has also spent years in the trenches as a pharmacy technician. When he’s not writing goofy essays or counting pills, Sean pretends to be a fiction writer and gastronomist. Reach Sean at [email protected]

Articles by Sean West

UnitedHealth seeks 'human potential' in providing customer service

UnitedHealth has quietly transformed customer service through its Advocate4Me program, which has succeeded even if most members could not name it.

Aetna submits 2016 ACA rates to regulators, tentatively

Aetna Inc. is submitting individual insurance rates for 2016 to state regulators, but told them rates may need to be reexamined after the Supreme Court issues its ruling on the legality of federal subsidies, Reuters reported. 

ACA public approval at highest levels since 2012

The percentage of Americans with a favorable view of the Affordable Care Act has surpassed the percentage of those with an unfavorable view for the first time since November 2012, according to the latest Kaiser Health Tracking Poll.

Nemours sues United Healthcare of Delaware over breach of contract

The Nemours Foundation, which owns the Alfred I. du Pont Hospital for Children in Wilmington, Delaware, filed a federal lawsuit against United Healthcare of Delaware Monday in a dispute over pediatric care covered by Medicaid, the SF Gate reported.

Florida Gov. Rick Scott to sue Obama administration over Medicaid expansion

Florida Gov. Rick Scott (R) announced he is suing the Obama administration in a dispute over Medicaid expansion, The Hill reported. 

HHS denies Democrats' request to create special open enrollment for pregnant women

The Department of Health and Human Services has denied a request from Democrats to create an open enrollment period under the Affordable Care Act for women when they find out they are pregnant.

New Highmark Health advertising campaign is 'all about positivity'

Pittsburgh-based Highmark Health's insurance company and its Allegheny Health Network launched a new corporate marketing campaign this spring. The new campaign has a positive message--a shift from Highmark's past efforts.

Florida Gov. Scott against Medicaid expansion

In 2013, Florida's Republican Gov. Rick Scott supported expanding Medicaid. Now, he's no longer in favor of the program. 

Over 1 million people enrolled in health insurance CO-OPs in 2015

As of March 25, over 1 million people enrolled in consumer operated and oriented health insurance plans during the 2015 enrollment period, the National Alliance of State Health CO-OPs announced.

Cigna, SCAN join forces to offer group retiree Medicare Advantage plans in California

Cigna and California-based SCAN Health Plan have formed an alliance to provide Medicare Advantage plan benefits to employer clients in California, the insurer recently announced.