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Latest Headlines

California insurers hope $38M can block rate review proposal

Insurers in California are spending $38 million to lobby against a state ballot initiative that would allow the state's insurance chief to review and potentially reject their premium rate proposals, reported the Center for Public Integrity.

Insurers lost billions of premium dollars due to rate reviews

The healthcare reform law's rate review program boosted state regulators' oversight and scrutiny of insurer rate hikes, saving consumers $1.2 billion on health insurance premiums last year.

Texas not reviewing insurer rate hikes

Texas officials, led by Gov. Rick Perry (R-Texas), haven't been complying with the reform law's health insurance rate review requirements, consumer advocates say.

Insurers urge state to enhance rate review program

Since the Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) began reviewing health insurers' rate increases to determine whether they're unreasonable, insurers in Arizona have been urging the state

Is HHS bullying insurers into lowering premiums?

Here's the problem with the Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) rate review program: It's ineffective and useless. The agency has no actual authority to force an insurer to lower a

GAO: States strengthen oversight of rate hikes

Many state regulators are reining in health payers' ability to raise premium rates at will as they strengthen their review processes and make them more transparent; however, some states still have

Regence wants 22 percent rate hike

Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield wants to raise premiums by 22 percent for 59,000 individual customers, but it first must appear at a rare public hearing addressing the rate request. In its rate filing

States' rate review programs receive $200M boost from HHS

Health plans beware--states can soon improve their premium rate review programs by applying for $200 million in healthcare grants now offered by HHS. About $150 million will help states create and