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Latest Headlines

Rate reviews drive down premium rate requests

Health insurers have been asking for and implementing lower premium increases since the reform law's governmental rate review provision took effect, according to a new report from the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services.

Anthem, insurance commissioner clash over rate hike

Anthem Blue Cross and the California insurance commissioner have been sparring publicly over the insurer's request to raise premiums, which the state has deemed "unreasonable."

Rate reviews cost insurers $500M in premiums

The New York insurance department has slashed insurers' premium rate requests so much that it will save consumers $500 million this year.

Rate hikes slow with reform law's review program

In 2011, rate increases that went into effect were about 20 percent lower than the rates insurers requested, according to a new Kaiser Family Foundation study.

Regence wins approval of 8.9% rate hike in Oregon

Although Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield of Oregon initially requested a 9.6 percent rate hike, the state insurance division lowered the allowed increase to 8.9 percent, reported The Oregonian .

Aetna ignores regulator to implement 8% rate hike

The California insurance commissioner ruled that Aetna Life Insurance's 8 percent premium rate increase was "unreasonable" but was unable to prevent the insurer from implementing the...

HHS: Insurers in 9 states have 'excessive' rate hikes

Health insurance companies in nine states have proposed rate hikes--some as high as 24 percent--that are "excessive" and should be blocked, according to the U.S. Department of Health & Human

State angers insurers with in-depth rate review audits

Insurers operating in New York likely will face scrutiny after the state announced new audits that will question the underlying data and actuarial assumptions used to justify rate hikes. The audits,

Mass. insurers see 'no profit margin' with 2.3% rate hike

Massachusetts health insurers can increase premiums by an average of 2.3 percent, the smallest hikes in the state during the past 10 years. As a healthcare reform leader, Massachusetts could be

Rate hike justifications are 'trade secrets,' insurers say

Health insurers in New York don't want the reasons behind their rate increase requests to be made public, claiming they're "trade secrets." Now that consumers can view health plans' proposals to