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Latest Headlines

California insurers hope $38M can block rate review proposal

Insurers in California are spending $38 million to lobby against a state ballot initiative that would allow the state's insurance chief to review and potentially reject their premium rate proposals, reported the Center for Public Integrity.

Rate hikes slow with reform law's review program

In 2011, rate increases that went into effect were about 20 percent lower than the rates insurers requested, according to a new Kaiser Family Foundation study.

Survey finds group-health insurance rates climbing nationwide

Individual policyholders may be dealing with the steepest premium increases across the country, but small, medium and large employers are seeing group medical coverage rate increases--and passing on

Health insurers sue Massachusetts over 'premium rate caps'

Health insurance companies in Massachusetts are fighting back after the state's insurance commissioner last week rejected 235 of 274 proposed rate hikes, effectively implementing a premium rate cap.