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Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Capitalism will disrupt healthcare complacency, drive innovation

Creative thinking and financial competition can help drive innovative change in the U.S. healthcare system, James Hamlin wrote in a piece in  The Atlantic.

Best practices to reduce costly readmissions

Reducing preventable readmissions is one of the most important aspects of cutting healthcare costs, according to an American Society for Quality survey of health quality improvement experts. Here are four ways the Gallup Business Journal  says hospitals can help reduce readmissions.

Urgent care clinics use fast-food industry tactics to deliver affordable, efficient healthcare

Urgent care clinic owners glean business lessons from McDonalds to help deliver accessible and efficient healthcare, according to an article in  Forbes.

3 ways for states to integrate health and social services

States looking to integrate health and social services, especially for Medicaid beneficiaries, can establish a system that would coordinate and finance a variety of services that affect health, including social supports and economic opportunities, according to a recent report from the Commonwealth Fund.

More practices eye informal integration amid struggles

The Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) identified its members' top practice struggles for the seventh year in a row with its "Medical Practice Today: What Members Have to Say" survey. 

State exchanges entice more participation

States continue to add insurers to their exchanges for the 2015 enrollment period, reports MedPage Today.

Physician shortage will only get worse as need for primary care grows

As the demand for primary care increases, the country will experience a massive primary care physician shortage, according to  USA Today.

Anesthesia providers need to wash their hands during surgery

Anesthesia providers miss chances to clean their hands during surgical procedures and have low hand-hygiene compliance, according to a study published in the  American Journal of Infection Control.

Healthcare delivery needs massive innovation

To improve performances, healthcare providers must innovate the delivery process "on a massive scale," writes author and futurist Ian Morrison, Ph.D in an opinion piece in  Hospitals & Health Networks.

Rival plans must stay competitive in Illinois exchange

Illinois's largest insurer, Blue Cross & Blue Shield, took the cake by enrolling 92 percent of all 217,500 enrollees who signed up for coveraged via the Illinois Health Insurance Exchange, reports Insurance Networking News.