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Latest Headlines

10 ways to eliminate wasteful medical tests and procedures

Unnecessary medical tests and procedures contribute to 20 percent of healthcare expenses but two new studies offer 10 suggestions for eliminating wasteful spending in pediatric and adult hospital medicine.

Florida docs support telemedicine coverage

The Florida Medical Association is supporting proposed state legislation requiring private insurers to pay for telemedicine like regular doctor visits, joining 20 other states with similar laws, the South Florida Sun-Sentinel reported.

Most exchange plans limit member choices

Health insurance plans sold through state health insurance exchanges are likely to include limited choices of doctors and hospitals and require referrals for specialists and preauthorization before expensive procedures, The Wall Street Journal reported.

Hospitals work to cut patient falls and complications

Serious patient falls are on the rise in Washington's hospitals, according to reports collected by the Washington State Department of Health, KUOW reports.

'Serial infector' plea deal reveals lack of communication among hospitals

The plea deal on Wednesday for "serial infector" David Kwiatowski revealed for the first time the extent of the hospital worker's scheme and the lack of communication among hospitals involved which allowed him to continue hurting patients, a new   r eport   from The Boston Globe's White Coat Notes reveals.

Why hospitals should adopt transitional care to reduce readmissions

Earlier this month the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services announced that 2,225 of the nation's hospitals will receive payment reductions totaling $227 million for excess readmissions in the second round of penalties starting on Oct. 1. And though many have criticized CMS for the harsh fines, particularly for hospitals treating poor patients, some good has come out of the program. Hospitals across the country have responded with transitional care initiatives that have improved care and reduced readmissions.

4 drivers of reduced readmissions, complications

Florida hospitals that voluntarily participated in statewide initiatives saw lower surgical complications and readmissions, in addition to saving millions of dollars, according to a report released yesterday by the Florida Hospital Association.

Medical-field diversity benefits patients

In an attempt to nurture a generation of doctors as culturally diverse as the population they serve, the California Academy of Family Physicians is working to attract more ethnic minorities and low-income youth to their profession, the  Sacramento Bee  reported.

6 business concepts essential for any type of practice

The future of independent physician practices is open to debate, but  whether you're looking to make a drastic change or maintain a 'traditional' practice, most experts agree that  the statu s quo will no longer do. Regardless of your long-term plans, here are six areas to focus on to ensure your practice thrives.

3 tips for avoiding concierge-practice failure

More physicians are turning to a concierge-practice model, but the transition can be rockier than many physicians anticipate.To avoid the turmoil that others have experienced, consider these three tips for opening a new or transformed office.