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Latest Headlines

Individual plan cancellations under ACA dropped in 2014

About 2.2 percent of the estimated 17.6 million Americans enrolled in individual insurance got word in 2014 that their plans were being canceled due to noncompliance with the Affordable Care Act, according to the Urban Institute. Another 9 percent of plans were canceled for reasons that were not clear to policyholders.

ACA subsidies 'essential' to individual market, studies show

If the U.S. Supreme Court determines federal subsidies are illegal when it rules in the King v. Burwell case, it would dramatically increase costs and lower enrollment in the individual market, according to two separate studies.

IRS will levy stiff fines for moving employees to exchanges

Companies won't likely move away from employer-based coverage to instead offer stipends for their employees to buy plans through health insurance exchanges, reported the New York Times.

Payers launch ad blitz to win new customers

With one week left before the Affordable Care Act's individual health insurance enrollment deadline, payers are saturating the media with ads promoting their products, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Half of individual policy purchasers will be eligible for tax subsidies

Nearly half of people buying individual health insurance will be eligible for offsetting tax credits next year, which for them will average $5,547 per family, according to new research from the nonprofit Kaiser Family Foundation.

Aetna to exit California individual market by 2014

Aetna is leaving the California individual insurance market at the end of the year, the insurer announced Saturday.

Court: Insurers' profits irrelevant in rate hike approvals

In a case with potential national implications, Maine's highest court unanimously ruled that state regulators were justified to deny Anthem Health Plans of Maine's proposed rate hike for individual

State individual market dwindles with Aetna, Cigna departure

Aetna, along with Cigna and three other health insurers, will stop selling individual health insurance policies in Indiana. Aetna says it only has 700 individual health insurance policies in the

Anthem cuts, delays premium rate hikes

Anthem Blue Cross, the WellPoint subsidiary in California, announced it will raise individual premium rates by less than originally planned and will also delay increases to co-payments and

More Massachusetts residents exempt from health insurance mandate

Massachusetts granted a higher percentage of waivers of its health insurance requirement in 2010 than the year before, the Boston Globe reports. Sixty-three percent of the 2,637 who applied for an