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Hospitals stand to lose $167B in non-Medicaid expansion states

Hospitals in the 24 states that didn't expand Medicaid will lose $167.8 billion in additional funding to offset cuts to Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement under healthcare reform, an analysis...

Aetna, Cigna report falling enrollment in ACA plans

At least two of the nation's largest insurers say enrollment in health insurance exchange plans has fallen over the summer--calling into question previous claims that almost all who enrolled on the exchanges were paying their premiums.

High cost of drugs price HIV and AIDS patients out of health insurance policies

Advocates have accused some insurers of discouraging HIV and AIDS patients from obtaining coverage under the ACA by levying high co-insurance charges for expensive prescription drugs. But soaring costs set by drug manufacturers and the number of new enrollees with specialty medicines is putting pressure on payers.  

What's next for healthcare marketplaces in U.S. territories?

The future of healthcare marketplaces in U.S. territories remains murky after the Department of Health and Human Services granted them exemptions last month to key provisions of the Affordable Care Act, California Healthline reported.

'Healthcare sharing ministries' give faithful an alternative to Obamacare

More than 300,000 Americans bypass the Affordable Care Act's individual insurance mandate by buying limited healthcare coverage through faith-based collectives, the San Jose Mercury News reported.

HHS awards $67M to health exchange navigators

The U.S. Department of Health & Human Services has announced $67 million in grants awarded to 105 state and federal insurance marketplace navigator organizations to provide information to Americans trying to understand options available through the new insurance marketplaces.

Florida docs support telemedicine coverage

The Florida Medical Association is supporting proposed state legislation requiring private insurers to pay for telemedicine like regular doctor visits, joining 20 other states with similar laws, the South Florida Sun-Sentinel reported.

Most exchange plans limit member choices

Health insurance plans sold through state health insurance exchanges are likely to include limited choices of doctors and hospitals and require referrals for specialists and preauthorization before expensive procedures, The Wall Street Journal reported.

White House defends delay in out-of-pocket caps

The White House last week likened Republican criticism of a policy delay that could temporarily double individuals' out-of-pocket medical expenses under the Affordable Care Act to "Alex Rodriguez complaining that the drug-testing program that Major League Baseball has in place isn't sufficiently strict."

Half of individual policy purchasers will be eligible for tax subsidies

Nearly half of people buying individual health insurance will be eligible for offsetting tax credits next year, which for them will average $5,547 per family, according to new research from the nonprofit Kaiser Family Foundation.