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Latest Headlines

Reaching young adults: Leaders share marketing best practices

Young adult sign-ups surged during the last few weeks of open enrollment but the coveted population presented the biggest marketing and outreach challenge for health insurance exchanges.

Next reform challenge: Reducing uninsured rates

The first round of health insurance exchange enrollment is over, but the Obama administration and insurers have a new challenge on their plates: working to reduce the amount of uninsured and boosting support for the Affordable Care Act so the next enrollment period will bring in another surge of consumers

Exchanges can learn from enrollment success in California

California matters. The state is very influential in many political, social and governmental issues. And when it comes to healthcare reform and health insurance exchanges, it has become a...

Enrollment grows as Obama administration ramps up outreach

Between 2.4 million and 3.5 million people have enrolled in Medicaid as of January, a new analysis from Avalere Health has found. The enrollment figures include up to 1.7 million newly enrolled individuals who signed up in January alone.

Newly insured raise post-enrollment questions

Many consumers who sign up for an exchange plan have post-enrollment questions, especially those new enrollees who went uninsured for a period of time.

Untapped source to reach uninsured: Tax preparers

Tax preparers may be a key source of assistance for the millions of uninsured consumers--including young adults--who remain uneducated about how the Affordable Care Act can help them obtain health coverage.

Feds focus exchange outreach on largely uninsured areas

Millions of uninsured consumers have yet to sign up for a health insurance exchange, so the Obama administration is honing its enrollment campaign on certain areas where the uninsured population is prevalent.

California ad campaign aims to make reform funny

A new ad campaign created by Covered California features comedians trying to make the healthcare reform law funny, reported The Atlantic.

We need more accurate information about healthcare reform

Despite all the attention the federal health insurance exchange website, HealthCare.gov, has received, confusion and misinformation abounds. Just the other day, my mother-in-law called me based on...

Poll: 80% of uninsured know about individual mandate

More uninsured consumers are aware of the healthcare reform law's individual mandate, but they still don't know about the health insurance exchange, which is where they would most likely buy a health plan, according to a new Gallup poll.