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Latest Headlines

Arkansas private option at risk despite success

The pioneering private Medicaid expansion option that originated in Arkansas is on the chopping block despite having already lowered costs.

Medicaid expansion rollbacks could bode an ill omen for hospitals

Medicaid expansion under the Affordable Care Act remains stalled in two dozen states. That has created parallel financial universes for hospitals that operate in nonexpansion states versus those...

States hope to copy Arkansas' private option success

Arkansas has declared its experiment with the "private option" a success--t he state's decline in uninsured was among the best in the country, dropping from 23 percent to 12 percent.  Other states have taken notice.

The benefits of expanding Medicaid

Medicaid: to expand or not to expand? That is the question for the 24 states who opted out of the 2012 ruling under the Affordable Care Act. But for the 26 states, and the District of Columbia, who chose to extend the option to lower-income residents, the uninsured rate has dropped, while hospital admissions has increased, finds a new  report from PwC's Health Research Institute.

States on board with HSAs for Medicaid

Some states may implement  health savings accounts (HSA) for their Medicaid programs next year, reports  NPR.  Michigan and Indiana already allow beneficiaries to use funds supplemented by the state to pay for services and require monthly contributions to their health independence accounts.

Medical homes, ACOs offer better business models

The patient-centered medical home model in Arkansas, which has more than 600 participating providers, helps the state's Medicaid program incentivize quality care instead of paying for volume of services.

Private Medicaid expansion a big hit among consumers

Arkansas's Medicaid program, which is expanding through a private option the state pioneered, has proven quite popular--70 percent of the 225,000 Arkansans who are eligible for the federal-state program have signed up for coverage, the state Department of Human Services announced.

Private Medicaid expansion survives in Arkansas--for now

Apparently, fifth time's the charm in Arkansas. That's how many times it took to reauthorize its first-in-the-nation private option to expand Medicaid.

Arkansas lawmakers reject private Medicaid expansion

In October, Arkansas became the first state to implement the private option to expand Medicaid, but this week state lawmakers rejected legislation that would continue the public-private program.

Arkansas' Medicaid expansion on chopping block

Although Arkansas trailblazed the idea to use a private option in expanding its Medicaid program, state lawmakers are considering putting a stop to the plan by June unless the GOP-led legislature...