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Latest Headlines

Arkansas lawmakers reject private Medicaid expansion

In October, Arkansas became the first state to implement the private option to expand Medicaid, but this week state lawmakers rejected legislation that would continue the public-private program.

Arkansas' Medicaid expansion on chopping block

Although Arkansas trailblazed the idea to use a private option in expanding its Medicaid program, state lawmakers are considering putting a stop to the plan by June unless the GOP-led legislature...

Arkansas first to use private Medicaid expansion

The U.S. Department of Health & Human Services for the first time approved a private option as an allowable form of expanding Medicaid. Arkansas is the first state to use Medicaid funds to buy private insurance for consumers eligible for the state-federal health program.

Safety-net providers fear Arkansas expansion plan could lead to closures

Safety-net clinic providers in Arkansas are concerned that the state's plan to subsidize the insurance for hundreds of thousands of low-income residents could result in their payments being cut, reported the  Arkansas News.

Centene drawn to private Medicaid expansion

Now that Arkansas has passed legislation to privatize its Medicaid expansion, one insurer, Centene, is sharing its enthusiasm to participate, Kaiser Health News reported.

Expanding Medicaid with private payers passes Arkansas legislature

Arkansas continues to be an unexpected leader in the area of Medicaid expansion: Its House and Senate have both passed legislation that would allow the state to use federal dollars to pay private insurance companies to expand the Medicaid program.

HHS: 'Limited number' of states can privatize Medicaid expansion

The U.S. Department of Health & Human Services said it will allow some states to use federal funds provided under the reform law to privatize their Medicaid expansion programs.

States mull using private insurers to expand Medicaid

The health reform law's Medicaid expansion may be an even bigger boon to insurers as some states, led by Arkansas, are considering expanding the program by using the private insurance market.

FCC urged to reconsider narrowing of 'rural hospital' definition

Three entities serving healthcare or handling healthcare data are among the final 14 recipients of Department of Commerce stimulus funding to increase broadband access and adoption in underserved

Physician, staffers plead guilty to unauthorized EMR access in AR celebrity's death

Dr. Jay Holland and two other former staffers at St. Vincent Health System in Little Rock, AR, pleaded guilty this week to misdemeanor criminal violations of HIPAA privacy regulations for