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Latest Headlines

Arkansas private option at risk despite success

The pioneering private Medicaid expansion option that originated in Arkansas is on the chopping block despite having already lowered costs.

States hope to copy Arkansas' private option success

Arkansas has declared its experiment with the "private option" a success--t he state's decline in uninsured was among the best in the country, dropping from 23 percent to 12 percent.  Other states have taken notice.

Cost deters Medicaid expansion

Medicaid expansion continues to vary in popularity. Twenty-six states and the District of Columbia plan to expand Medicaid, while four are actively considering it and 20 have no plans to do so,  reports  California Healthline.

Private Medicaid expansion a big hit among consumers

Arkansas's Medicaid program, which is expanding through a private option the state pioneered, has proven quite popular--70 percent of the 225,000 Arkansans who are eligible for the federal-state program have signed up for coverage, the state Department of Human Services announced.

Private Medicaid expansion gets another supporter in NH

New Hampshire has all but sealed the deal to expand its Medicaid program under the Affordable Care Act using a private option similar to the one championed by Arkansas.

The changing face of Medicaid in 2014

With many states reshaping their Medicaid programs under the Affordable Care Act, new challenges and opportunities for private health insurers have emerged. Medicaid changes will continue to play out in 2014, with some of the trends highlighted by LifeHealthPro.

Private Medicaid expansion survives in Arkansas--for now

Apparently, fifth time's the charm in Arkansas. That's how many times it took to reauthorize its first-in-the-nation private option to expand Medicaid.

States pursue tailored Medicaid expansion approaches

Many states continue to consider Medicaid expansion options that would let them tailor the program to fit their priorities and healthcare needs. No matter what approach these states take, a tailored expansion won't happen quickly.

Private option Medicaid could hurt clinics

Community clinics--considered a crucial linchpin of healthcare delivery under the Affordable Care Act--may face serious financial harm due to "private option" Medicaid expansions,  Kaiser Health News  reported.

Arkansas lawmakers reject private Medicaid expansion

In October, Arkansas became the first state to implement the private option to expand Medicaid, but this week state lawmakers rejected legislation that would continue the public-private program.