Molina - J. Mario Molina

CEO payouts at 8 largest health insurers

By Dina Overland

J. Mario Molina - Molina Healthcare

Total Revenue: $6 billion

Total Compensation: $4.9 million

Details: In Molina's most recent quarterly earnings, the Long Beach, Calif.-based Medicaid company reported an increase in both profits ($7.57 million) and revenues ($1.7 billion). It also predicted profits would fall below market estimates due to higher reform-related administrative expenses and technical glitches plaguing the health insurance exchanges.

Molina is selling plans on nine online marketplaces and believes the exchanges and Medicaid expansion present multiple growth opportunities for the company. Though some industry experts predicted Molina was ripe for a takeover from a larger insurer, particularly after WellPoint's hefty $4.9 million buyout of Amerigroup, Molina has remained independent.

Compensation: Molina earned $935,000 in base salary, plus $3.4 million in stock awards and almost $12,000 in other compensation, which according to the company's SEC filing, includes long-term disability premiums, 401(k) matching payments and liquidated amounts for paid time-off.  

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