Cigna - David Cordani

CEO payouts at 8 largest health insurers

By Dina Overland

David Cordani - Cigna

Total Revenue: $29.1 billion

Total Compensation: $12.8 million

Details: When Cigna reported its 2013 third-quarter earnings, David Cordani expressed confidence that the company would see increased revenue and growth through next year. But despite this upbeat outlook, Cordani warned the reform law must continue to evolve, possibly to include eliminating the fee-for-service payment model, to successfully lower costs and improve quality.

This year Cigna abstained from selling plans on the health insurance exchange in its home state of Connecticut, despite its large market share there. Meanwhile, Cordani has driven Cigna's international expansion, including securing a large share of China's burgeoning healthcare market. Cigna also has operations in India, Turkey and the Middle East.

Compensation: Cordani, who serves as the president and CEO of Cigna, earned a base salary of $1 million in 2012, plus $6 million in stock awards, $3 million in option awards and $2.6 million in non-equity incentives. And he received $110,000 in other compensation, including $10,500 for security alarm installation and maintenance. Cordani also serves on Cigna's board of directors, and is the only employee to do so, but he doesn't receive compensation for his board service.

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