Health Net - Jay Gellert

CEO payouts at 8 largest health insurers

By Dina Overland

Jay Gellert - Health Net

Total Revenue: $11.5 billion

Total Compensation: $10.1 million

Details: Health Net CEO Jay Gellert has staked much of the company's future success on the healthcare reform law, transforming how the company does business. Hoping to broaden its member base, Health Net is expanding into new markets beyond its home state of California, where it holds a 9 percent market share.

The insurer is selling plans on health insurance exchanges in California, Arizona and Oregon, and Gellert believes his company can add more than 1 million members in the next five years.

Compensation: As the president and CEO, Gellert earned a $1.2 million base salary plus almost $8 million in stock awards and another $1 million in deferred compensation earnings in 2012. Gellert also received about $88,000 in other compensation, including a $54,000 housing allowance and almost $20,000 for a corporate car.

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