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Latest Headlines

How Arkansas plans to change its private-option Medicaid program

Republican Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson is in favor of maintaining the state's successful Medicaid expansion program, but only under certain circumstances.

3 factors that will transform Medicare

Although Medicare was built on a failing model of fee-for-service, the nation's largest insurer has been making plans to transform itself into the future, say two health policy experts.

Advocates worry states that pull CHIP funding put program in jeopardy

The Affordable Care Act provision that shifts the costs for the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP) to the federal government has had the unintended consequence of encouraging states to spend their CHIP dollars elsewhere.  

Medicare rules may encourage nursing homes to over-treat patients

​Even as the healthcare industry puts an increased emphasis on cutting costs, Medicare's payment rules for nursing homes seem to encourage these facilities to provide expensive--and even harmful--excess care.

New numbers bolster John Kasich's argument for Medicaid expansion

After defending his position to expand Medicaid during the first Republican presidential debate, Ohio Gov. John Kasich's administration reported the program cost $2 billion below estimates in the most recent fiscal year.

State efforts to block Planned Parenthood funding may be illegal

After making moves last week to block funding from  Planned Parenthood under Medicaid, Louisiana and Alabama may be in conflict with federal law.

House GOP unveils plans to overhaul Medicare

In an effort to overhaul the Medicare program, House Republicans will start drafting a Medicare "premium-support" bill next year.

Medicare to pay for pricey cancer drug

Medicare will soon start paying for a new and pricey cancer medication, Blincyto, which costs about $178,000 for a standard course of treatment.

Florida Gov. Rick Scott claims insurers unfairly negotiating hospital rates

Florida Gov. Rick Scott (R) claims that insurers participating in the state's Medicaid program are negotiating hospital rates that are too high, a reason as to why the program is not generating enough savings.

Medicare Advantage may be best program to power healthcare reform

Though some have championed Meaningful Use as a key tool for driving reform in the healthcare system, its power pales in comparison to that of the increasingly popular Medicare Advantage program.