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Latest Headlines

3 ways for doctors to earn money on the side

Whether they're struggling to pay down medical school debt or a big mortgage or they're helping their children pay for college, doctors have options if they want to increase their earnings, reports  Medscape.

EHR disparity between Medicaid, Medicare MU docs unacceptable

The unintended creation of disparities caused by the Meaningful Use program has reached a new low.

A look at states' efforts to coordinate care for Medicare, Medicaid populations

Currently 13 states are working to align Medicare and Medicaid financing as well as integrate primary and acute care, behavioral health services and long-term services and supports through a variety of innovative methods, according to a new report from the Center for Healthcare Strategies.  

Report: Eliminating improper payments is critical to sustaining Medicaid

With a growing budget, higher enrollment numbers, and a rising improper payment rate, Medicaid sustainability depends on better fraud prevention and more accountability from states, according to a report from the American Action Forum.  

Partnership with community clinics in Wisconsin leads to 44% reduction in ER use

A Wisconsin program where hospital emergency rooms have referred patients to community clinics for their  primary care  follow up and management of  chronic diseases  such as diabetes, has led to a 44 percent reduction in expensive emergency department visits,  reports  Wisconsin Public Radio.

Industry leaders weigh in on the state of the ACA

Some of the top healthcare policy experts in the country tackled the current state of the industry and the impact of the Affordable Care Act--both positive and negative--in a series of viewpoints published by the  Journal of the American Medical Association.

New York City's public hospitals need to fiscally restructure

The nation's largest public hospital system is in dire financial shape and needs to restructure its finances, Bloomberg News reported.

Case study: How Oak Street Health keeps its elderly patients happy and healthy

Keeping dual-eligible seniors happy and healthy is a tough nut to crack. But Chicago-based Oak Street Health has done it in a value-based care model, according to a recent article in  NEJM Catalyst  by Griffin Myers, M.D., Geoff Price and Mike Pykosz, founders and part owners of the practice.

Hospitals in non-Medicaid expansion states continue to pay big price

Hospitals in states that have refused to expand Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act are taking a financial hit, according to  RevCycle Intelligence.

Looming loss of DSH payments could sink Georgia hospitals further

Hospitals in much of Georgia continue to struggle, and the scheduled disappearance of the Disproportionate Share Hospital supplementary payment will likely make the financial situation worse,  Atlanta Magazine  reported.