Medicaid Expansion

Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Medicaid expansion saves states millions, boosts payer revenues

The 31 states and the District of Columbia that expanded their Medicaid program under the Affordable Care Act are saving millions,  while revenues are up for both the states and its insurers, according to the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

CMS approves Medicaid expansion for lead-affected Flint residents

In recognition of the public health crisis in Flint, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services announced Thursday that the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services approved Michigan's 1115 waiver demonstration, which will extend Medicaid coverage and services to Flint residents who were recently exposed to lead in their water supply.  

In Texas, ACA has done little to expand care access

Though the Affordable Care Act has lowered uninsured rates nationwide, Texas residents may now actually have more difficulty accessing care, according to  NPR.  

Medicaid business booms for some health insurers

Though some major U.S. health insurers are sustaining financial losses tied to their Affordable Care Act individual policies, another aspect of the health law has proved more profitable--Medicaid expansion.

Medicaid expansion would cut healthcare disparities in the South, report says

Southerners are more likely to be uninsured, have chronic illnesses and experience worse health outcomes than people in other areas of the country, and expanding Medicaid eligibility in Southern states would go a long way toward reducing these disparities, according to a brief from the Kaiser Family Foundation.

Obama's 2017 budget proposal: What it means for payers

President Barack Obama unveiled his 2017 fiscal year budget Tuesday, including a host of provisions set to impact both public and private payers.  

With open enrollment over, Burwell sets sights on Medicaid expansion

Now that open enrollment is over, the Department of Health and Human Services is still trying to figure out a way to get the remaining uninsured the coverage they need.  

Central Ohio nonprofit hospitals provide less charity care but tax breaks remain

Central Ohio's nonprofit hospitals provide increasingly less uncompensated care, calling into question the rationale for the hundreds of millions they receive each year in tax breaks, according to The Columbus Dispatch.

ACA enrollment advocates have uphill battle in Oklahoma

A group of Oklahoma insurance counselors are increasing their efforts to find people who are uninsured in the state and enroll them in coverage before the open enrollment period ends Jan. 31--a difficult task in a state staunchly opposed to the Affordable Care Act.  

Report: ACA has made Medicaid coordination, re-enrollment much smoother

A new report by the Kaiser Family Foundation has concluded that the Affordable Care Act  provided most states with significant technological upgrades that allowed them to enroll individuals into Medicaid coverage much more efficiently than in the past.