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Latest Headlines

Does hospital employment warrant higher reimbursements?

Although industry experts acknowledge that reimbursements for extra services are warranted, they warn that the payment gap between hospitals and independent doctors is too extreme.

6 biggest drivers of healthcare waste

A Health Affairs policy brief published yesterday points to care delivery failures, poor care coordination, overtreatment, administrative complexity, pricing failures, and fraud and abuse as the greatest drivers of waste in healthcare.

Hospitals defend physician employment model amid FTC scrutiny

When it comes to healthcare consolidation, hospitals are standing their ground, maintaining that physician practices merging or affiliating with larger hospitals is necessary to coordinate care across the continuum.

FTC investigations into M&As prompt early disclosure of consolidation

Physicians can reduce the risk of an FTC investigation by sharing their consolidation plans upfront and asking for a nonbinding advisory opinion.

Shared medical appointments offer efficiency, patient support

Group members benefit from receiving advice from others with diabetes, particularly when it comes to diet, instead of listening to healthcare professionals tell them what they should do.

Telephone calls from nurses reduce readmissions

A series of simple phone calls from a nurse can reduce readmissions and cut $1,225 in costs per patient, according to a study in this month's Health Affairs .

Nurse practitioners fill primary care void

Highlighting the growing role of nurses, Ohio State Total Health & Wellness at University Hospital East will be entirely run by nurse practitioners, the university announced Thursday.

ACO explosion to come in 2013

About 500 organizations have applied to become an accountable care organization, with the third Medicare cohort to be announced in January 2013, American Medical News reported.

Use existing resources to find revenue, meet community need

A Midwest 100-bed facility instituted an intensive three-day inpatient medical stabilization program, leveraging existing empty beds, and created a service line that generated $800,000 of annual revenue.

ACOs for everyone

Karen Cheung-Larivee What's in a name? "Accountable care organization" is the catch phrase of 2012. But the term describes just about any type of pay-for-performance,...