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Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Community engagement boosts hospital revenue, quality

Hospitals and health systems rely on their communities for the support and resources they need to succeed.

Small practices embracing alternative, counter-culture models

Despite the rapid trend toward physician employment and healthcare consolidation, practice management insiders are seeing a counter-culture emerge among "single shingles."

Preventative care yields mixed results in health savings

If 90 percent of Americans use proven preventive services, it would save only 0.2 percent of healthcare spending.

Strategies for reducing ER visits, costs

With emergency department best practices, Washington saved more than 10 percent in Medicaid fee-for-service emergency care costs and expects to save $31 million for the entire fiscal year.

ACOs hone in on diseases

Some accountable care organizations are taking chronic condition management a step further by focusing on particular costly diseases.

Take community approach to reduce readmissions

Quality improvement activities that engage whole communities lead to a drop in hospitalizations and rehospitalizations among Medicare patients, according to a study in the Journal of the American Medical Association .

How to get paid for care coordination

Thanks to a series of new codes created by the American Medical Association's CPT Editorial Panel, physicians now have the opportunity to bill for much of the previously unreimbursed care-coordination work they've done.

ACOs bring together rivals

With the newly announced accountable care organizations this month, ACOs are bringing together rival hospitals.

More heart docs embrace hospital employment

Hospital-physician integration steams ahead with cardiologists leading the move to hospital employment.

The power of pharmacists in reducing readmissions

With  big Medicare penalties for high readmission rates , hospitals are focusing on medication reconciliation and adherence to keep patients from bouncing back to their facilities.