patient-centered medical home (PCMH)

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Latest Headlines

Independence's medical home reduced ER use by 8%, study finds

A patient-centered medical home operated by Independence Blue Cross in Philadelphia has decreased emergency room utilization by up to 8 percent. What's more, patients with chronic diseases saw an even greater reduction of up to 12 percent, according to a new study published in the journal  Health Services Research.

3 steps to a rock solid ACO

As the healthcare landscape continues to evolve and transform the approach to managing patient care, new innovations, such as accountable care organizations (ACO), are success stories. 

The balancing act between doctor reimbursement, premium costs

In the post-healthcare reform era, insurers face a new challenge--how can they pay doctors enough so they continue accepting their members while decreasing premiums to make them affordable for consumers? Insurers' attempts to shift some risk onto providers, through accountable care organizations, bundled payments and patient-centered medical homes, for example, cause administrative burdens for doctors, resulting in some denying care to patients with exchange plans, reported  WNPR.

3 building blocks for medical homes

To build a successful patient-centered medical home, insurers must implement certain foundational factors, including strong leadership and staff commitment to the care model, adequate information technology, and effective patient engagement tools, reported Health IT Analytics.

Study: Multipayer medical home only reaped limited improvements

A multipayer patient-centered medical home pilot in Pennsylvania led to only limited improvements in quality and failed to reduce unnecessary medical utilization, according to an article published in the  Journal of the American Medical Association.

Medicaid can reap the rewards of medical homes

Medicaid programs could lower costs and boost quality care by implementing a patient-centered medical home model. Connecticut, for example, incorporated a medical home for its Medicaid program, improving quality and dropping per-member costs by 2 percent in only 18 months.

The value of medical homes: Culture not tech

Patient-centered medical homes already have proven to enhance quality of care, and now new research finds that quality improvement comes from the community and culture created through the program rather than the technology used.

WellPoint offers payer perspective on medical homes

The patient-centered medical home is not just the primary care physician or the hospital. The approach entails payers, both public and private, that must adapt to a continental shift away from fee-for-service payments, Amy Cheslock, vice president of payment innovation at WellPoint, said Friday at a briefing.

3 ways insurers can help lower healthcare costs

As millions of newly insured people start using healthcare services, insurers must take steps to reduce healthcare costs without jeopardizing access of care, Forbes reported. Healthcare spending in...

Medical homes, ACOs offer better business models

The patient-centered medical home model in Arkansas, which has more than 600 participating providers, helps the state's Medicaid program incentivize quality care instead of paying for volume of services.