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Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

ACOs could upset payer market

Medicare accountable care organizations (ACO) could triple this year, according to Richard Weil, a healthcare consultant at Oliver Wyman.

Who should lead care teams?

With new delivery models promoting collaboration across the healthcare continuum, the question remains of who should lead teamwork between providers and nonclinicans.

3 keys to evaluating patient experience

With some research showing no link between patient satisfaction and quality outcomes, experts are questioning whether patient feedback is a legitimate assessment of quality.

Hot topics in 2012: ACOs, quality improvement, consumer engagement

For your reading pleasure, we have gathered the most read FierceHealthPayer stories of 2012. It's a definitive victory for accountable care organizations.

Empathy plays a greater role in healthcare

With the Affordable Care Act tying patient satisfaction to hospitals' incentive payments, patient experience efforts have been moving up the priority list.

6 hospitals on healthcare's naughty list

Much like Santa, we're making a list and checking it twice. And although 2012 saw hospitals making great efforts to improve care and cut costs, some healthcare organizations deserve a stocking full of coal.

Payment reform pushes providers to keep financial tabs on patients

To keep better tabs on patients, it's been a challenge to steer patients toward less-expensive settings for services.

10 physician practice trends to watch in 2013

In 2013 and beyond, efficiency will be much more than a buzzword; it will mean survival.

Employed surgeons rise 32%

Confirming the hospital employment trend, a database study published this week in the Archives of Surgery found that surgeons are opting for employment over private practice.

Health reform pushes more care into hands of nonphysicians, including patients

The spotlight on nonphysician practitioners (NPP) is brighter than ever, as these professionals are increasingly viewed as the solution to improving healthcare access and costs amid health reform.