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Latest Headlines

Medicaid expansion roundup: Waiver programs gain steam in GOP states

President Barack Obama said last month that his focus will now turn to convincing governors to expand the program who have thus far resisted. Some states have in fact made moves to do so, many of them embracing the idea of waivers instead of full Medicaid expansion. 

Montana's Medicaid proposal may face scrutiny from CMS

Montana, the only state to agree to expand Medicaid this year,  has released its proposal for public comment before its submission to federal officials.  But it's unlikely the state will get exactly what it wants,  reports  Kaiser Health News.

Medicaid expansion sees the light in some states, disappears in others

Medicaid expansion has received little love lately. Nationwide, state lawmakers cotinue to battle over whether to accept federal money to expand the program. While some states are moving forward, others remain at a standstill. Here's an update on where Montana, Ohio and Tennessee stand.

Medicaid expansion update: Two states step forward, two step in place

Several states are making news with their plans to expand Medicaid under the Affordabe Care Act. Here's a roundup of the goings on in Wyoming, Pennsylvania, Alaska and Montana.

Telehealth 'parity' continues to make inroads via state legislation

Individual states continue to press forward with telehealth legislation, as evidenced by recent news out of Montana and a forthcoming effort in Florida.

Medicaid expansion roundup: States make decisions about enlarging the program

States continue to make moves toward and away from Medicaid expansion--and the disappointing rollout of the health insurance exchange is affecting some decisions. Alaska Gov. Sean Parnell announced...

Insurers cease business after uncovered 'association scam'

The Montana insurance department has shut down one insurer's so-called "association scam," in which it allegedly conducted illegal marketing practices to sell health insurance policies. The state

Penny wise or pound foolish: The Montana EHR debate

Montana is known for many things--its Big Sky beauty, its national parks, and its rough and tumble history. But this month it is standing out over what has become a battleground over the funding of

Supreme Court won't review Montana ban on 'discretionary clause'

A Montana insurance rule that prevents state health insurers from using policy language that gives them wide power to deny coverage will remain on the books now that the U.S. Supreme Court has