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Latest Headlines

What Florida's feud with feds over Medicaid means for other states

States that refused to expand Medicaid to low-income residents have their eyes on the standstill between the federal government and Florida Gov. Rick Scott's (R) proposal to continue using federal funding for hospitals that treat the uninsured.

Medicaid expansion sees the light in some states, disappears in others

Medicaid expansion has received little love lately. Nationwide, state lawmakers cotinue to battle over whether to accept federal money to expand the program. While some states are moving forward, others remain at a standstill. Here's an update on where Montana, Ohio and Tennessee stand.

3 ways Anthem plans to reinvent Medicaid

A pilot program underway in Memphis, Tennessee demonstrates how Anthem intends to reshape Medicaid as a care delivery model and not just an insurance program.

Georgia's rural hospitals continue to deteriorate

Hospital services in Georgia are deteriorating due to the rural healthcare financial crisis, the  Atlanta Journal-Constitution  rep orted.

Report: Insure Tennessee would bring $1B in revenue to state

A report from the Coalition for a Healthy Tennessee found that the plan of Gov. Bill Haslam (R) to expand Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act would help more than 234,000 in the state to obtain health insurance.

As Tennessee unveils Medicaid expansion proposal, other states follow suit

Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam (R) announced an alternative to Medicaid expansion  proposal Monday morning, making the Volunteer State the latest Republican stronghold to explore Medicaid options under the Affordable Care Act. T he administration was quick to note that it isn't expanding Medicaid but unveiling "Insure Tennessee."

Blues plan proves even dominant insurers can offer lower premiums

Although Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee monopolizes the state's health insurance market, it still offers very low premiums for plans it sells on the health insurance exchange.

State med board's proposal could impede telemedicine use

Telemedicine is growing throughout the U.S., with multiple states adopting new technologies and gaining funding for various projects. However, in Tennessee recently proposed rules could be a setback in using the technology.

Tennessee credits database, education with cutting doctor shopping in half

One of the few states to make its prescription drug monitoring program (PDMP) mandatory, Tennessee cut doctor shopping in the state by half in the past two years, according to an  articl e  from  USA Today.

Should payers renegotiate provider contracts annually?

Tennessee's General Assembly is considering a Republican-sponsored bill requiring health insurers to renegotiate contracts with participating doctors and hospitals every year, according to The Tennessean. The bill would make Tennessee the only U.S. state requiring health insurers to revisit provider contracts annually.