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Do frequent authorizations really save money?

I've written before about how my health insurance improved when my family moved to California from Louisiana. Upon our move, my husband and I enjoyed $11 acupuncture visits every week, greatly...

Unscrupulous brokers, sales scams abound

Alongside reports that brokers are becoming health insurance advisors in the post-reform market, recent news describes fraud some brokers commit to enrich themselves at the public's expense. Broker fraud is part of a widening circle of sales scams.

CBO: Healthcare reform will cost $100B less than expected

Health insurance premiums will be lower than expected for the next few years. Therefore, the Congressional Budget Office revised its estimated cost of the Affordable Care Act to $1.4 trillion over the next 10 years--a decrease of about $100 billion.

Affordable Care Act may lower liability insurance costs

The effects of expanded private coverage and Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act go beyond health insurers to other liability insurance companies, namely, auto insurers, a new report from the Rand Corporation finds.

Kaiser, Humana, Florida Blue sit high on customer satisfaction rankings

Kaiser Permanente, Humana and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida came out on top for customer satisfaction, according to an annual survey from Insure.com. The study measured customer service, claims satisfaction, value for price paid, and customer renewals and recommendations.

End of open enrollment puts focus on 2015 rates

As the enrollment deadline to sign up for health insurance draws to a close Monday, insurers already are focusing on next year's rates, reports the Los Angeles Times.

Hospital ER ad underscores heathcare finance's woeful informational problems

I've discussed the demands for price transparency a lot in this space and I believe it will be one of the defining issues of healthcare finance for many years to come. But what about...

AHA files brief in support of maintaining insurance subsidies

The American Hospital Association filed an often scorching amicus brief with the U.S. 4 th  Circuit of Appeals, arguing to keep tax subsidies in place for individuals who purchase coverage on the federal health insurance exchange,  AHA News Now  reported.

Producer, consumer price indexes tell different stories

The price of producing hospital inpatient care increased only incrementally from February 2013 to February 2014, while outpatient care prices experienced a more significant uptick.

Cigna launches operations in India despite challenges

Cigna has officially launched operations in India. The insurer, however, faces steep challenges in the hard-to-penetrate Indian health market.