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Kaiser, Humana, Florida Blue sit high on customer satisfaction rankings


Kaiser Permanente, Humana and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida came out on top for customer satisfaction, according to an annual survey from Insure.com. The study looked at 9,586 company reviews for health, life, auto and home insurance carriers, and measured customer service, claims satisfaction, value for price paid, and customer renewals and recommendations.

An overall customer satisfaction score of 93.4 percent put Kaiser in the No. 1 slot for a second straight year. Kaiser's past success, in part, stems from its successfully executed integrated healthcare model, which puts an emphasis on prevention, wellness and electronic health records, FierceHealthPayer previously reported.

Ninety-four percent of customers plan to renew their plan with Kaiser, while 76 percent of customers would recommend the insurer to a friend, according to the survey. The results found 45 percent of customers originally purchased insurance through Kaiser because it's the health plan offered by their employers.

While integrated care models may be new to some health insurers, Humana--which scored 91.3 percent for overall customer satisfaction--has been practicing this concept for 25 years. "When we're talking about integrated care, we're talking about truly being accountable for that patient from the very beginning all the way through wellness and illness," Humana Chief Medical Officer Roy Beveridge, M.D., told FierceHealthPayer in an exclusive interview.

For Humana customers, 91 percent plan to renew, and 69 percent would recommend the company to a friend. While reasons for buying insurance vary, 21 percent based their purchase on the insurer's reputation, noted the study.

Rounding out the top three, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida scored 90.4 percent for overall customer satisfaction. The survey found 90 percent of customers plan to renew their coverage with the insurer, while 67 percent plan to recommend Florida Blue to a friend. And, like Kaiser, 45 percent of customers originally purchased insurance through Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida because it is the health plan offered by their employers.

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- here's the survey results

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