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Latest Headlines

Midterm elections could impact Medicaid expansion

Five hotly contested governor races could have a big impact on Medicaid expansion. If the Democrats take Florida, Maine, Kansas, Wisconsin and Georgia, an additional 1.7 million people would likely become eligible for Medicaid coverage.

Painkiller restrictions too strict, some docs say

Despite the progress made in reducing the threat of prescription painkiller addiction and abuse, some physicians, including those who once supported tighter laws and regulations, say the restrictions have gone too far in preventing medication access for people in need, according to an article from the  Tampa Bay Times.

State roundup: Exchange, Medicaid expansion updates

There's been a lot of action throughout the states ahead of the next open enrollment period for health insurance exchanges. Meanwhile, some state officials are still considering whether to expand their Medicaid programs. Here's a roundup of the recent news across states.

Medicaid expansion helps Chicago hospital system's budget woes

The expansion of Medicaid eligibility and funding under the Affordable Care Act will likely smooth over any financial bumps Cook County's large healthcare system may encounter over the next year, the Chicago Tribune reported.

Hospitals consider paying premiums for some low-income patients

Hospitals in New York, Wisconsin and Florida may help some patients pay their premiums for health insurance coverage as a way to ensure they receive payment for care they rendered, Kaiser Health News reported.

Affordable Care Act grandfathering driving costs up, Blues say

The Obama administration's decision last fall to let consumers keep certain plans that weren't compliant with the Affordable Care Act may have led to some insurers proposing higher premiums...

Most docs support medical marijuana, but need training

As the legalization of medical marijuana expands, most U.S. physicians agree it has clinical benefits, but want more information on the medical science of cannabis and how it may help their patients, according to a survey of 1,544 doctors from  WebMD  and  Medscape.

FL safety-net hospitals claim state Medicaid program underpaid them by $73.3 million

The University of Florida Health Shands Hospital and several other safety-net hospitals in the Sunshine State claim that the state's Medicaid program underpaid them as much as $73.3 million between 2000 and last year, the Gainesville Sun reported.

Feds want $267M in Medicaid overpayments back from Florida's hospitals

The federal government is seeking a huge payback in Medicaid overpayments from Florida's hospitals and wants it all this year, the Tampa Bay Times  reported.

Many hospitals will face steep hospital-acquired infection penalties

Hospitals in many states will face significant penalties for not  preventing hospital-acquired infections (HAIs), according to multiple media sources.