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Humana refunds $600K for claims processing errors

Humana has agreed to refund more than $600,000 to Missouri providers as part of a settlement with the state insurance department that found the insurer improperly collected claims payments, the state insurance department said Friday.

Missouri Insurance Director John Huff conducted an investigation that determined Humana sought reimbursement from providers, even though it already had received claims payment more than a year before, according to the Associated Press.

The department of insurance specifically found that Humana received 1,052 improper reimbursements from 247 providers across Missouri, reported LifeHealthPro.

Because Missouri only allows insurers one year to correct errors in claims processing, Humana was in violation of state law. "Many doctors in Missouri are small-business owners, and they need to know promptly if there's a payment error," Huff said. "That's why Missouri law gives health insurers no more than one year to make these calculations and bring providers the finality they need."

To learn more:
- read the Associated Press article
- see the LifeHealthPro article
- check out the Humana settlement

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