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Latest Headlines

Humana refunds $600K for claims processing errors

Humana has agreed to refund more than $600,000 to Missouri providers as part of a settlement with the state insurance department that found the insurer improperly collected claims payments, the state

Coventry owes provider $17M in back payments, lawsuit alleges

Coventry Health and Kentucky Spirit Health Plan are facing lawsuits by Eastern Kentucky's largest healthcare system for allegedly failing to promptly pay claims, owing the provider at least $17

Insurer uses unfair payment practices, chiropractors allege

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona's copay requirements are unreasonably high and, consequently, are driving chiropractors in the state out of business. The Arizona Chiropractic Society says Blue

11 insurers must refund $114M for overcharging premiums

Eleven insurance companies operating in New York--including Aetna, UnitedHealth, and WellPoint--must refund a total of $114.5 million to policyholders who were overcharged for health insurance

WellPoint ties quality to payments

WellPoint ( NYSE: WLP ) will halt annual payment increases to about 1,500 hospitals if they fail to meet its treatment quality criteria, reports FierceHealthcare. Reimbursement increases for hospitals

Blue Cross contributed to hospital's insolvency, lawsuit says

Landmark Medical Center has sued Blue Cross Blue Shield of Rhode Island, alleging the insurer failed to negotiate reasonable reimbursement rates to cover the hospital's costs and has, therefore,

Healthcare flaw: Surgery is covered, counseling isn't

There are many problems with our healthcare system, but I think the frequent rejection of preventive services in favor of more complicated procedures that deliver more immediate results is a