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Latest Headlines

Insurers socked with $72M in extra taxes under healthcare reform

The 10 largest publicly traded insurers paid their top executives a combined $300 million in compensation last year. But because of a little-discussed provision in the Affordable Care Act, they also had to pay $72 million more than the year before in taxes, amounting to an additional $1.3 million in taxes per executive, according to a new report from the Institute for Policy Studies.

Are patients actually checking out hospital prices?

More hospitals and health plans make their pricing available as a part of a growing transparency movement, but are patients actually checking them out?

Controlling medical identity theft and fraud

Rising rates of medical identity theft raise serious concerns for program integrity and health insurance customers. To learn about responding effectively to this threat, FierceHealthPayer:Anti-Fraud spoke to Ann Patterson, senior vice president and program director of the Medical Identity Fraud Alliance (MIFA).

UnitedHealth ranks least trustworthy among hospitals

As hospitals accumulate more financial risk, they need to trust their insurers. However, hospital executives have little faith in health insurance companies, according to a 2014 ReviveHealth National Payer Survey.

Average pay for insurer CEOs jumped to $14M

Some of the Affordable Care Act's biggest winners have been chief executives at insurance companies who have seen their salaries and benefits skyrocket since the law passed.

Year-in-Preview: 4 trends hospitals should watch in 2014

Prior to the holidays, we highlighted the stories and trends that dominated the headlines in  FierceHealthcare and other media outlets in 2013. Looking ahead, here are four trends we believe will impact the healthcare industry in 2014.

Health insurers fall short in using mobile tools to engage consumers

Though many health plans offer mobile apps, only 22 percent allow consumers to access data on the mobile Web. The data is based on a ranking of the top 100 U.S. health insurance companies and how they engage with consumers to manage their own health. 

Survey: Docs don't blame themselves for rising healthcare costs

One in six U.S. doctors believe they have some responsibility for reducing healthcare costs, but the major burden belongs to trial lawyers, health insurers, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, medical device makers and even patients.

GOP solicits insurers for info about conversations with HHS

House Republicans have expanded their investigation into the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, requesting that some of the biggest insurance companies provide them with information about the agency's fundraising efforts.

States ban insurers from discriminating against transgenders

Health insurers operating in Oregon and California have been ordered to stop denying coverage to transgender members.