Aetna sells individual health plans at Costco


In another sign that Aetna is focusing on the individual market, the company announced Tuesday that it will sell individual health insurance policies at Costco stores.

Members of the wholesale member-only stores will have access to the Costco Personal Health Insurance program, which includes five health plans that offer major medical benefits, dental coverage and lower copays for prescriptions filled at Costco pharmacies, reported the Associated Press.

The plans also include special features such as lower monthly premiums than other Aetna individual health plans, the Hartford Business Journal noted.

For now, Aetna is offering the individual policies at Costco stores in Arizona, Connecticut, Georgia, Illinois, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Texas and Virginia. It plans to expand the plans' availability to other states later this year, reported the Hartford Courant.

"We recognize the importance of providing affordable health solutions that deliver value and convenience for individuals and families," said Barbara DeMaio, head of Individual Business for Aetna. The company already sells wellness kits at Best Buy stores and recently rebranded itself with an eye toward the individual insurance market.

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