Innovation meets insurance: 5 more disruptive payers

By Dori Zweig

Disrupter: Humana

Disrupting: Wellness programs

Details: In order to establish a successful wellness program, it pays to engage employees so they understand the program. That's why, when Humana created its wellness program, HumanaVitality, the insurer decided to focus on employee wellness and how to encourage healthy behaviors.

"HumanaVitality has been successful thanks to the built-in language of how it speak to its employees," HumanaVitality CEO Joe Woods previously told FierceHealthPayer. Personalization is important, added Woods; wellness programs are not one-size-fits-all.

Thanks to the wellness program, Kenosha County in Wisconsin saves almost $450,000 in claims costs each year. The county has 721 employees participating in the wellness program, which uses an online assessment to assign a "vitality age" based on several health factors and habits. Participants can then work toward their specific goals using provided tips.