Innovation meets insurance: 5 more disruptive payers

By Dori Zweig

Disrupter: Aetna

Disruption: Mobile apps

Details: This summer, Aetna shut down its mobile platform, CarePass. After that, the insurer decided to learn from the experience and continue progress with Aetna's mobile health decisions.

"We're trying to be fast innovators, getting things out to the market as quickly as we can. The things that work, we'll continue with," Michael Palmer, Aetna's chief innovation and digital officer, previously told FierceHealthPayer. "The things that don't work or no one is using, we'll shut them down. While CarePass sparked a lot of innovation, it was a small part of our overall innovation pipeline. We have a lot more that we're going to do,"

With that, Aetna is focusing on its iTriage app, which engages consumers and helps the insurer drive more appropriate and efficient care.