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Latest Headlines

IOM calls for data tracking, technology to combat counterfeit drugs

Tracking and identification technology is one way to help curb the scourge of fake and sub-standard drugs, but access to data and resources is lacking, according to a new  re port  from the Institute of Medicine.

House bill would expand Medicare to all

Rep. John Conyers Jr. (D-Mich.) and other House members have reintroduced a federal bill that would expand Medicare to a universal, single-payer program.

More beds linked to more hospitalizations

A new Michigan State University study finds more hospital beds lead to more utilization and likely higher costs, reinforcing support for certificate-of-need programs to regulate new hospital facilities.

Where's the mental health discussion? Important issue unheard

Karen Cheung-Larivee Pundits are saying this week's State of the Union is one of President Obama's greatest speeches, particularly because of his emotional call to action in the...

Bipartisan Policy Center proposes health IT safety framework

Developers, implementers and users must share responsibility for safety in clinical software and other health information technologies, according to a report  from the Bipartisan Policy Center (BPC).

Bed tax brings winners and losers

Amid debates on what to even call measures that require hospitals pay fees in return for matching funds, Georgia yesterday passed a new law that helps avoid a $700 million loss in Medicaid funding,

Info for 43,000 patients at risk after possible data breach

A hacker may have recently gained access to an employee's work computer account at Milwaukee-based Froedtert Health, putting the personal information of roughly 43,000 patients at risk.

FTC clears physician-hospital organization

Amid increasing partnerships--and antirust challenges--the cleared Norman Physician Hospital Organization (Norman PHO) in Oklahoma could predict future structures with similar integrated arrangements.

HHS, Catholic hospitals make progress on contraception rule

While the Catholic Health Association called the Obama administration's relaxed rules on contraceptive coverage "substantial progress," the group is still seeking comments from its membership and bishops.

Why the federal government must regulate EHR vendors

I find it rather interesting that National Coordinator for Health IT Farzad Mostashari chastised electronic health record vendors last week for improper conduct, and warned them to shape up or face additional government regulation. I certainly don't blame him. But would self-policing work? It hasn't worked so far.