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Latest Headlines

Docs give, but don't take their own stress management advice

When it comes to stress management, many doctors talk the talk, but don't walk the walk when it comes to following their own advice.

4 tools to help physicians, staff and patients manage stress

I'm planning a trip to an amusement park with my family this summer and I'm stressed. While the kids are with sheer joy counting down the days to roller coasters, swimming, exciting sights...

Encourage pets for member health, cost improvements

Insurers often recommend actions their members can take to improve their health and prevent costly, stressful diseases. They also may want to consider giving out some unusual advice: Members should get a pet.

Aetna combats chronic conditions, med non-adherence with mHealth

The world of mobile health offers many advantages for payers to help keep their members healthy, which leads to less healthcare utilization and lower costs. The folks at Aetna have taken that...

London hospital promotes mediation as tension management tool

A new project by the Medical Mediation Foundation, aimed at breaking down tension between family members and health professionals when there is a disagreement about a child's course of treatment, is in full swing at Evelina London Children's Hospital, The Guardian reported.

Practices offering stress management yield healthier patients

As primary care strives to become more comprehensive and proactive, many organizations have turned their attention toward new ways of addressing mental and emotional health issues that often cause or exacerbate patients' physical problems. As we reported last week, for instance, some practices are employing therapists on site or collaborating with them electronically.

6 ways to fake a vacation

If you need a vacation from your practice, but can't fit it into your schedule, consider some of the following strategies to help get you through the long days ahead:

Why patients and providers need to take stress seriously

Doctors who are comfortable addressing patients' lifestyle issues--often root contributors to chronic disease--still seem to be the exception more than the rule.

New Aetna website tracks brain health

Aetna has launched a new website, mybrainsolutions.com, loaded with games, videos and other exercises to help improve memory, attention span and stress management, reported the Hartford Courant. The...

Aetna sells wellness kits at Best Buy stores

Aetna is joining forces with Best Buy to sell four of its most popular wellness kits direct to shoppers at the electronic retailer. The pilot sales program, announced Friday, will sell Aetna's online