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Latest Headlines

Prescription decision support fails to curb patient costs, boost med adherence

A clinical decision support system aimed at helping providers prescribe the drug least expensive to the patient failed to significantly reduce patients costs or improve medication adherence.

Teamwork, communication key to improving medication adherence

Medication noncompliance remains a major problem nationwide; but a new  Medical Economics  article points out many of the specific challenges for older patients who often have prescriptions for several drugs.

High costs, low follow-up drive medicine nonadherence

Medication nonad herence  remains a significant problem, but physicians can turn that around by paying better attention to prescription costs and patient follow-up, according to a  st udy  published in the  Annals of Internal Medicine.

Cover expensive specialty drugs without breaking the bank

Specialty drugs have left insurers in a bit of a predicament. The companies want to provide access to these efficient and effective medications for treating chronic conditions like cancer, arthritis...

Medication adherence improvements don't always curb costs

Value-based insurance design programs may need to target specific populations and run for years before payers and patients reap significant gains from them, according to a new  Health Affairs study.

Socioeconomic traits impact Medicare Part D performance ratings

Some Medicare Part D contractors have an unfair advantage over other companies based on their members' socioeconomic characteristics, which substantially influence performance ratings issued by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, according to a new study published in the journal Health Affairs.

Diabetic portal users take their meds, lower cholesterol

Diabetic patients who used a patient portal to refill their prescription cholesterol medication improved their medication adherence and cholesterol levels, according to a Kaiser Permanente study...

Aetna combats chronic conditions, med non-adherence with mHealth

The world of mobile health offers many advantages for payers to help keep their members healthy, which leads to less healthcare utilization and lower costs. The folks at Aetna have taken that...

'Technovigilance' improves hospital's record for delivering meds on time

A system monitoring when hospital staff missed or was late in administering medication brought significant improvement on that metric, according to a study published by  Milbank Quarterly.

Patient portals not quite ready for med adherence

Patients are enthusiastic about using online portals to manage their medications, but more features and functionality are necessary to maximize medication management and promotion of adherence, according to a study published this week in the  Journal of Medical Internet Research.